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Italian Baby Furniture: Wooden & Luxury Furniture - Frari Design




Dorico collection has a theme inspired by horses and riding creating a bold yet elegant atmosphere. The strong personality of the entire collection makes it suitable both for baby girls and boys. On the wings of imagination, your dreams take flight. Who will you meet tonight?


Some products in this collection are available online.


A collection inspired by a secret garden where enchanted dreams and coloured flowers bloom. Rose petals adorn every corner with delicate perfume and tender emotions. The cot, bed and each element create a magical place where a fairytale atmosphere evokes enchanted nights.


Some products in this collection are available online.


Nastro collection is a range that is designed to provide a themed solution that follows your baby through their early years. The cot, that adapts to a child bed, embraces each phase of their infancy like a starry night. The ribbon feature runs through all elements of the collection giving them an aura of exclusivity and uniqueness.


Some products in this collection are available online.


Nodo collection looks luxurious and elegant and is composed of different solutions aimed at older children and adults. Precious and sophisticated fabrics adorn all the pieces in the collection. Harmonious lines create welcoming and sumptuous space.



An elegant and delicate atmosphere embraces all elements of the Efne collection like the beating wings of a butterly. Harmonious lines and soft fabrics cradle your child’s dreams transporting them into a fairytale space.