What happens when you buy one of the FRARI products?

All our products are the sum of the work of our artisans. Every single item is produced and refined starting from your request. Every single detail is carefully arranged during all its production phases in order to guarantee the highest quality. This is what happens when you buy one of FRARI products…

1-20 days

Production and Carving stage 
Our woord carvers take charge of your requests and adorn each item with their artistic work. They refine manually each carved detail on natural wood with care and attention to obtain the rough piece of furniture.

21-30 days

Varnishing and Finishing stage 
The rough piece of furniture is entrusted to our artisan painters and varnishers who coat the item with the required finishing. During all subsequent stages of the procedure, they refine manually each single detail.

31-40 days

Upholstery and Tailoring stage
Our expert upholsterers take care of the item during its last production stage. They pad and coat the piece using the fabrics and details chosen by the client. Our tailors manufacture and embroider bedding, quilts and pillows to complete and adorn the room and all its elements.

41-46 days

Quality Control
Each item is checked in all its parts to guarantee the best quality both on aesthetic and functional aspects in accordance with customers’ requests and expectations.

47-50 days

Packaging and Shipment
In order to guarantee the maximum protection in the mail, we package separately each part of the items. Once the quality control is terminated successfully and each box is ready to be delivered, we arrange the shipment as commonly agreed.

delivery time

To ensure the best timing and price for the shipment, we will study the best solution for you based on the specific characteristics of your order.